Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

We stepped in when the Schiphol Airport had a problem with the air climate inside the building. There was no daylight so living trees couldn’t survive there, and their planters were contaminated. After an analysis and a consult with an architect, we decided to place a few mummified trees. On the plaza we chose to design our own planters, made with brushed high-grade stainless steel. In these we placed seven metre high deciduous trees made with nicoly leaves. Because the plants were preserved, we finished the planter with a transparent layer of epoxy, ensuring that visitors to Schiphol couldn’t put any unwanted liquids in the planters and reducing the risk of smell in the plaza.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is the place where the president of Abu Dhabi and his royal visitors meet. Inside the palace are 7 floors, and each floor is for one of the seven Emirates. We had the great honor of providing this special place with our mummified flower bouquets. The wish of the palace was that although the other plants on each floor had to be identical, no bouquet could be the same on any floor. In only 1 week we delivered all the palm trees, gynerium grass and our diverse, unique flower bouquets.

Beatrixkwartier, Den Haag

In an atrium in Den Haag there was a need for preserved plants after the entrance. Mummified palm trees are not sensitive to the fluctuations in temperature, so that was the best option for this location. The palm trees that we proposed and delivered are still present today, ten years later, with constant high quality and no maintenance costs.

Gynerium gras

Gynerium grass is our most popular product. This comes as no surprise because it is a versatile plant that we can put in any location, and is very attractive financially. Gynerium grass can be placed in a planter, or be used as a wall partition between desks or in a canteen or waiting room.